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I’m very pleased to say that the first 7 modules of the online course are now available to try for free.

You can find this on the ‘Online Course’ page of the website, link below:

Please do let me have any feedback, good or bad.

Many thanks,

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18 Responses

  1. Thank you in advance. This is great news. The program is fantastic, factual and informative. I have already shared the course with friends, family and clients. As a dental hygienist in the states we are required to share with patients the harms of tobacco and risk of oral cancer. Unfortunately there are limited tobacco cessation programs to refer patients to. Will this be a subject that you will address in the future?

  2. Hello William, have not looked at the course yet so no comment on the content. Was somewhat surprised that you have considered to share so much for free.
    The choice of words for the introduction, a little taste? This especially for the more fragile. Just a thought.

  3. Gave up on course after just a few modules as I hoped William would be doing it. Sorry but I cannot listen to that awful American accent and voice.

  4. Willam – In the Memories and Blackouts module, the flip card reads: “Memories pass firstly into out short-term memory.” I believe you intended “our short-term memory.”

    1. It’s entirely up to you really. It depends how you best absorb information. It you are intending to stop I’d recommend the course first because it builds up to actually stopping. Then you can read the books having stopped to solidify things.

      1. Hello William, I am working my way through the online course – the first 7 free modules. Near the bottom of the screen there is a thick black solid horizontal line which is covering up the bottom section of each page. I have managed to work around this problem so far but on module 7, the black line is covering the ‘Next’ button, preventing me from clicking it to access the next page. I’m not sure what is causing this black line, I wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and would be grateful for your assistance in sorting this out. I am planning to go on to doing the full course. Many thanks for your time and attention. Izzy

  5. Hi William. I’m responding to the first 7 modules of the online course are now available to try for free offering you gave. I think it was really good. Nice simple concepts. Game-i-fication is a good thing too. Repeating the concepts eg homeostasis was brilliant. I did not watch the video so I don’t know about the horrible american voice. There are horrible voices in every type of accent speaking the English language so no comment. there. Thank you. I listen to all podcasts where you are interviewed even if I hear sort of the same things and love these emails. You are so nice to do this extensive work and put it out there for free.

  6. Hello William, I am trying to sign up for the Full Course. When I click on ‘Full Course CLICK HERE’ it brings up a log-in page. How do I create an account so that I can actually log in with a Username/Email & Password and proceed to purchasing the course? Many thanks Izzy

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