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Genetics and Addiction

I’ve read a lot recently about the link between genetics and addiction. I thought it was worth doing a post clarifying the position. The starting point, I think, it that genetics cannot dictate behaviour. Behaviour is learnt, not inherited. There is no gene that can...

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Why it’s not so effective the second time round.

It's not just Alcohol Explained, in fact it's not just alcohol. Whether you are trying to quit drinking, or smoking, or anything else, often a method that worked very well the first time just doesn't seem so effective the second time around. Why is this? Actually...

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There are two types of drinking at Christmas. Firstly, there is the ‘mistletoe and wine’ drinking. The good side of drinking, the Dickensian side of drinking. Good friends coming in from the cold and snow into a warm room of dark oak with a roaring fire, flagons of...

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I've added a comments page to the website. Please feel free to make whatever use of it you see fit. Also a quick update on the audio version of Alcohol Explained, production is well underway and I am hoping it will be released in early December.

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Some of you may be aware but this website went down recently and I had to rebuild it (thanks again to John S for putting me on to Goole cached pages and saving me I dread to think how many hours work). While I was putting it together again I began to look at it...

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References in Alcohol Explained

Several times I have been asked about putting references in Alcohol Explained to back up the text itself. Originally I didn’t put references in because I had in mind the readership could include those suffering from severe alcohol withdrawal so didn’t want to clutter...

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