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I’m very pleased to say that the Alcohol Explained online course is now up and running. You can find it on this site under the main menu.

The idea was to get everything in Alcohol Explained and Alcohol Explained 2 (and even one or two things that aren’t in either book), update and refine them, then put them into an online, interactive course.

It’s not a typical online course in that it isn’t a collection of videos, but it’s more like an interactive book with audio narration of each module. To get a better idea of it I’ve done a short introductory video which is on the Alcohol Explained YouTube channel (link below).

It’s £42 for 2 months access.

If you do sign up for it please do let me have feedback, good and bad.

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25 Responses

  1. Excellent news William. Thanks for putting it together. Look forward to reading through this. I already recommend your books in my coaching so to have something online for people to tap into that’s very affordable is fantastic ?

  2. Your first book was instrumental in my current sobriety! It’s been 508 days today! Thank you so much!! ??????????

  3. Thank you William, you’re an inspiration. Must be surreal to think you changed, nay saved the lives of so many. Boston, USA awaits your speaking tour! All the best.

  4. Hi, would absolutely love to do this (using my RAF discount) as love William Porters books (make so much sense) – could I start February 2022 though (2 months from then?) as I’m doing Annie’s January 2022 Alcohol Experiment and really want to devote January to this AE.
    Thank you

  5. William
    You mentioned in the course intro that any observations comments suggestions that we think might improve aspects of the course, you would welcome. Where might we send these?

  6. Thanks William
    I got to say that the course is very good. Im really enjoying it. Read the book. Take the course. My self respect is returning. It feels so much better!

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