Alcohol Explained – 2nd Edition

Firstly apologies for being fairly inactive recently. I started a new job a month ago and what little free time I did have almost entirely evaporated, and what I have had I have spent rewriting and updating Alcohol Explained.

I am pleased to announce this this task is now complete and the 2nd Edition of Alcohol Explained is now ready for release.

For those who have already bought the book, let me assure you that virtually everything new to the 2nd Edition is on the website so there is no need to buy another copy. It is not an entirely different book, it is just updated with some additional information and Chapters. However for those who would rather have everything in one book I have reduced the price down as far as Amazon will allow, to give you a chance to get the updated copy for as cheaply as I can provide it (Amazon requires certain minimal pricing on books).

I have literally put the changes through now and they can take up to 24 hours to take effect, so if you do want the new edition it might be worth checking later today or tomorrow. You will know when the changes have taken effect as the price will be £0.99 / $0.99 for the Kindle Edition and something in the region of $/£ 5/6 for the hard copy. I won’t be able to maintain this reduction for long (perhaps a week, maybe two) as I am also in the process of producing an audio version of the book and I need to finance this.

Finally if anyone can provide advice, assistance or ideas for promoting Alcohol Explained please do get into contact. In particular if there are any journalists, or if you know any journalists, who might be interested in writing an article please let me know.


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  1. William – your work on this is superb. I have read your first book, and am now on the second, updated version. I do really wish you had asked somebody to proof-read the revised version before it went to print. I truly hope that this will finally be printed in hardback and regarded as the definitive, informative thesis on alcohol and its damage to everyone who imbibes this nasty stuff. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    1. Thank you Catherine. I sent the revised edition to a proof reader, but then (foolishly) made some changes after. If you spot anything that you think needs changing please do let me know. It’s fairly easy to change, I just need to amend and upload a revised version to Amazon. Any comments at all would be welcome.

  2. William, I just want to tell you how grateful I am to you. You unselfishly want to help us out here and your first book has changed my life. You are an angel in human form.

  3. William,
    I would love to hear you interviewed on more podcasts. As of now, I’ve been able to only find you on one (AA Beyond Belief) I have reached out to the girls who host a podcast that I listen to regularly called Home Podcast. I reached out to Holly Whitaker of that podcast and she has purchased and is reading your book so hopefully they’ll contact you for a talk. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks so much for the offer, but when I go to purchase the revised version for my Kindle, I get a message that I already own it. (I do own the original). Let me know if there’s a workaround, but if not I’ll survive. I just started re-reading it today… I love this book!! Thanks so much.

    1. I have checked. Apparently if you already have the book on kindle you can get the new version just by updating. The only problem is you will lose and highlights.

      1. I’m actually stunned when I try to think about it… So I don’t over analyse it…but what has happened? I have no desire whatsoever to drink alcohol?!! I’ve drunk it since I was 15… I’m 48! Every day… Absolutely no interest now you’ve explained everything.
        I’m free, William. My granddaughters would thank you but they will never see me as their fathers did… Thank God. I owe you all of our happiness.

        1. Vicky,

          What an amazing message, thank you for taking the time to leave it. I am standing in the November cold waiting for a tube to take me to the daily grind of work, with a huge smile on my face!

  5. Having stumbled across your work while Googling “How to leave an alcoholic wife”, I now so want to read your book, however no matter how much I know it will help me understand her behaviour, I just feel that it will be pointless to her, as she will simply not want to read it. Is it not true that for someone who doesn’t recognise they even have a problem, that this book is pointless, that they need to want to get out from under this crap before it will work?

    1. Alcohol Explained was never intended to be purely a book about stopping drinking for problem drinkers looking to quit. It was meant to be information for all drinkers, providing facts about what alcohol actually does and doesn’t do, and what it does long term. It was also meant for non-drinkers who wanted to understand more about drinking and addiction.

      Don’t give the book to your wife on the basis that it is a book for stopping drinking for problem drinkers, give it to her on the basis that it is simply information for her to consider. Don’t give it to her on the basis that she has to read it and quit, give it to her on the basis that she just needs to read it, and read it with an open mind at least. It is simply information, it is up to her to weigh the truth of this information, to accept or reject it as she sees fit, and if she accepts any of it to put it to what use she wants. Also point out that she can continue drinking while she reads the book, there is no onus to stop before you start it.

      No drinker has to reach rock bottom before they stop, nor do they have to accept they have a problem. Someone recently posted a review on Amazon UK saying: “An excellent eye-opening read which helped me to finally ditch the booze after much dithering about whether I needed to, could or wanted to.” Understanding the realities of drinking is the key to stopping, regardless of what stage you are at; questions of whether you are ‘alcoholic’ or not become irrelevant.

      Just a thought but Christmas is coming up. I am not sure how bad things are between you and your wife but is she likely to ask what you want for Christmas? You could say that you would like her present to you this year to be to read a book, and read it with an open mind, with no obligation on her to stop drinking or make any admission that she has a problem.

      Please let me know how you get on. Being stuck in a destructive marriage is a terrible thing, I hope you find a way through.

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