Alcohol Explained 2

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Alcohol is not what I thought it was

My beliefs about alcohol were largely in common with many in the western world. Whilst I did not understand any biological process I did have firm ideas about how alcohol helped me in various situations. My relationship with alcohol was heavily linked to these beliefs. In this book William Porter takes us through some of the process and effects, and crucially for me, how we perceive some effects and dismiss others. I’m left with new beliefs which truly helped me change my relationship with alcohol.


Fantastic. This came at just the right time ? after a few successful quits and then some very unsuccessful attempts to moderate reading this book has finalised what I already really knew.. moderation is not an option and being a non drinker is the path I need to take. The book is full of useful information and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to establish a better relationship with /or understanding of alcohol. Thanks William!

In Alcohol Explained 2 William Porter develops his insight into the alcohol phenomenon, and provides the tools you need to retake control of your life for good.

Alcohol Explained 2 is now available on Kindle, paperback and Audible.

It’s the natural progression of Alcohol Explained, covering some of the topics that were covered in Alcohol Explained in a bit more detail, covering some new ground, and explaining some of the original concepts in a different way.

The main difference is that in Alcohol Explained I tried to keep my writing objective; I aimed to provide unemotional analysis of alcohol how it affects human beings. However perception is key. How we perceive alcohol has a direct impact on whether we can quit or not, and how easy we find it to quit. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you quit drinking but perceive alcohol as something that increases your enjoyment of social occasions. You may perceive socialising as dull, stressful, hard work, and always feel isolated from the majority who are still drinking. In short you may be successful in quitting drinking but you may no longer enjoy social occasions and you may seek to avoid them because you’ve quit. At the very least you may see socialising as a chore rather than a pleasure. This will have a direct impact on how easy you find quitting, and it may even end up with you failing to quit.

On the other hand let’s say you quit drinking but your perception is now that not drinking actually increases your enjoyment of social occasions. Let’s imagine that your perception is that while you were drinking you were fooled into thinking that drinking actually improved social occasions, but in reality it actually detracted from them. Imagine if your perception was that alcohol improving social occasions was an illusion, and that social occasions are far more enjoyable without alcohol. Again this will have a direct impact on your quitting, but this time it will make quitting easier and more enjoyable.

Alcohol Explained 2 is in many ways more of the same, being an impartial and frank appraisal of alcohol and a debunking of all the myths and false beliefs that surround drinking which make it harder to quit. But it is also my view of the world. I enjoy not drinking. I enjoy it at Christmas, I enjoy it when I go on holiday, I enjoy it when I socialise, at birthdays, concerts and evenings in at home. Alcohol Explained 2 is also about me showing you the world ad I see it. It’s still based on the facts, the science and a pragmatic analysis of the whole phenomenon Of drinking, but it takes it a step further to give you a different (and I think far more realistic) perception of drinking.

Alcohol Explained is the equivalent of me explaining how the planets revolve around the sun, and how this creates the seasons and day and night.

Alcohol Explained 2 is the equivalent of me explaining this a bit further, but then showing you the actual beauty of a new dawn.

The feedback so far is that Alcohol Explained 2 is being even better received than Alcohol Explained, but please do check this out for yourselves by looking at the reviews on the links below.