Why it’s not so effective the second time round.

Resilience, growing from within

It’s not just Alcohol Explained, in fact, it’s not just alcohol. Whether you are trying to quit drinking, or smoking, or anything else, often a method that worked very well the first time just doesn’t seem so effective the second time around. Why is this? Actually, there are (as ever) several elements. I think it […]

Covid 19, Anxiety and Relapse

Male hands holding surgical mask against coronavirus

There are a lot of people relapsing at the moment. Anxiety levels are high and our usual routines are out the window (along with the usual rules on drinking). Many so-called moderate drinkers are now drinking every day when they didn’t before, they are drinking earlier in the day and they are drinking more and […]

How do you get through this without drinking?

Coronavirus Covid-19 cell. Covid, covid19 pandemic.

This is something I posted to the Alcohol Explained Facebook Group. I thought I may as well share it on my blog. Hi everyone, sorry I’ve not been very visible recently. I’m currently working from home (which has its own challenges) but also trying to look after and school my 9 & 7-year-old sons all […]