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I’m pleased to say that Alcohol Explained 2 is now available on Amazon. It is currently free on Kindle until Thursday 12th December. Links below.

For regular readers of my blog post you may recognise much of what is in there from my blog posts, but I have developed them and included some new content, so I hope that even avid readers of my blog post will find something new and even useful in there.

You don’t need a Kindle device to read the Kindle version, you just need to download the free Kindle App on any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

There is also a paperback version but Amazon do not allow free promotions for this (presumably because there is a printing cost involved).

There is no audio version as yet, if the book is well received generally then I will look to produce this in the New Year.

US Kindle

UK Kindle

Australian Kindle

Canadian Kindle

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  1. George

    Just ordered a paperback copy. Excited to see what new information you have come up with!!!

  2. Emma Renton

    Amazon is only showing a Kindle version, but I will keep trying. I know how erratic the site can be lol

    • Emma Renton

      Amazon have dug into their store cupboard and found Alcohol Explained 2 – hurrah

  3. Craig Whyte

    Unbelievable the amount of good work you have done for people seeking freedom from this accursed stuff chap. Bravo again !!

  4. Anonymous


  5. Colleen

    Ordered the book immediately on Amazon! Thank you! Out of all the quit lit, yours was the one that made all the difference. A fan forever!

  6. Barrie

    Thank you…your books have helped me win the battle against the wine witch .

  7. Mark

    Thanks William , another great tool In my armoury !

  8. Susan

    Thanks William just ordered the paperback. Just in time for the Holidays❤️

    • William Porter

      Excellent, hope you like it!

      • Mark

        Hi , read your first book , just downloaded the 2nd book onto my kindle app , so getting stuck in , as I failed by 5 days to complete 1 year sober ,not waiting till New Year’s Eve !!
        Thanks William , merry Xmas

  9. Sarah

    Thank you William. It was listening to your book Alcohol Explained over one weekend in February that got me to stop drinking (again) AND stick to it. I would love to have your second book by audio, as I found it such a good way to take the information in. If you do, can it be the same narrator please?!

    • William Porter

      The audio version should be ready by end February, hopefully a bit earlier. And yes it will be the same narrator.

  10. Sarah

    Thank you William, this is great.


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