You Made me Drink

Most problem drinkers have a reason they drink, or several reasons. Their partner, their job, their kids, their life. It’s not their fault. These things have happened to them and they drive them to drink. In fact these are really just excuses. It helps to dissect this and analyse it fully using a classic example; […]

Getting Out of The Rut of Endless Day Ones

I posted this to the Alcohol Explained Facebook group in response to posts from people struggling with endless days ones. I thought it was worth sharing further. Sometimes when you hit an obstacle, you need to back track a little way to give yourself a run up. For those struggling to get some momentum going. […]

Drinking Alcohol is Just Borrowing Happiness From Tomorrow

One of the central frustrations of the drinker is the fact that we get alcohol into our bloodstream through our stomach (we imbibe it my drinking it, it goes into our mouths and from there into our stomach where it works its way into our digestive system before eventually ending up in our bloodstream). So […]