Moderation seems to be an issue that is constantly coming up, and I get asked regularly what I think about it. I was also asked recently to do a post on why some people end up with drinking problems, where others don’t. In fact the topics are interrelated because a good place to start when […]

Nicotine Explained

I’m very pleased to say that Nicotine Explained is now available for purchase (the paperback version is available now, the kindle version is available for pr-order for release this Tuesday 14th May). It provides a similar analysis of nicotine as Alcohol Explained does for alcohol. As you can imagine there are some similar themes in […]


This weekend is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. This means that most Monday to Friday workers get this Monday off. It’s essentially a slightly elongated weekend. For obvious reasons Bank Holiday Weekends tend to be times when people drink more, and I’m not just talking about heavier drinkers; they are traditionally a […]

Polish Language Version of Alcohol Explained

I’m pleased to say that the Polish Language version of Alcohol Explained is now available for sale. As Amazon Kindle doesn’t support Polish Language books it is available on Kobo (link below). It is currently available for the special introductory price of £1.99 (or local currency equivalent), but this is limited to the first 100,000 […]