How Long Does it Take to Start Feeling Better After You Stop Drinking?

I thought it would be useful to set out a time line so you know what you can expect when you stop drinking, and most importantly when you start feeling human again. There are four main physiological processes you need to go through before you wake up with that feeling of emerging from a cocoon […]

Ambition Re-Examined

I’ve touched before on how ambition is a natural driving force in living things. When I speak of ambition I am not restricting it to wanting to progress a career, I am talking about the desire of all living things to improve their lot in life. I think it is worth breaking down the phenomenon […]

The Definition of Insanity

There is a saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s often used in relation to addiction. This is nonsense. The addict is not insane. The reason they do the same thing over and over again is due partly to desperation, and party […]

Christmas (Not) Drinking

A little tip for getting through the myriad of Christmas functions that most people attend is to run through not drinking in your mind before you get to the event. When I was in the military we did drill. Most people, when you mention drill, think about square bashing (ie marching up and down a […]