We Admitted We Were Powerless Over Alcohol

Step 1 of the 12 steps of AA is admitting you are powerless over alcohol. Admitting powerlessness is very debasing, it is a form of surrender. It is giving up. Of course that is one of the main thrusts of AA, giving up and ceding control to your higher power. In this way it is […]


This is a talk I gave at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary Alcohol Liaison Unit. You’ll have to forgive the rather dreary monologue, it was better live; talking in front of a live audience is far more engaging than than sitting alone at home late in the evening after a long day at work! You’ll have […]


This is a slightly amended response of mine to a post in the Facebook Alcohol Explained group about cravings. I thought it was worth sharing a bit more widely: Don’t forget what a ‘craving’ is. It is you, fantasising about how nice it would be to have a drink. It is a conscious thought process […]