How Lifestyles Influence Drinking

Let’s look at the ways in which our lifestyle can influence our drinking. This article is primarily about the dynamics that come into play in regular, daily drinking, as opposed to binge drinking. To be clear I am not dealing with traumatic events that have been shown to increase the likelihood of problem drinking (I […]

Why You Drink More Than You Want To

You wake up. You feel rubbish. How much did you drink last night? Can’t remember exactly? The only thing you are sure of is that it was far more then you intended. Again. So why is there this tendency to drink too much? Is it just that you get carried away in the moment and lose count? […]

The Bad Days

Most people can understand how drinking upsets the delicate chemical balance in their brain, leaving them feeling anxious, out of sorts, and even out and out depressed. They therefore have a reasonable expectation when they stop drinking that they will be happier. This is indeed the case the majority of the time. The good times […]

Rock Bottom

There a general accepted platitude about alcoholism that the addict has to hit rock bottom before they can start recovery. Like most of the platitudes and accepted ‘knowledge’ about drinking and alcoholism, it is not only incorrect it is also dangerous and contributes to the problem. Firstly why should an addict have to hit rock […]

Alcohol and Weight

With so many articles in the news this week trying to extol the ‘health benefits’ of drinking, I thought it was a good time to summarise the various effects alcohol has on weight.   1. Empty calories The first and easiest one, alcoholic drinks contain a huge amount of empty calories. A single pint of […]