Audio Version of Alcohol Explained

  I am pleased to announce that the audio version of Alcohol Explained is now available on Audible. You can find it here. It should be available on Amazon and ITunes within the next couple of days. Don’t worry about the high price (it is dictated by the retailer – I have no control over it) […]

Differentiating Between Food and Poison

Allen Carr pointed out that one of the key aspects of the survival of living creatures is the ability to differentiate between poison and food. We use smell and taste to do this. Poisons like nicotine and alcohol taste and smell bad and we have to work at them until we become immune to the […]


There are two types of drinking at Christmas. Firstly, there is the ‘mistletoe and wine’ drinking. The good side of drinking, the Dickensian side of drinking. Good friends coming in from the cold and snow into a warm room of dark oak with a roaring fire, flagons of frothing ale, sweet, spicy mulled wine, drinking, […]